Free Douay-Rheims Bible Software

Welcome to! Here you can download free software containing the following:
1. The Douay-Rheims translation of the Bible, along with the notes by Bishop Richard Challoner. (Click here to learn why I chose the Douay-Rheims version.)
2. Definitions of unfamiliar words in the Bible. Simply click on a word to see a brief definition.
3. Cross-references between verses.
4. A concordance that lets you look up any single word or multiple words. (What's a concordance?)

There's no catch. The software is free, and in the public domain (with no warranty). It's now written entirely in HTML (with JavaScript), so it will run on any computer that has a Web browser (PC, Mac, PDA, smart phone, etc.) No Internet connection is needed, because all the files are local, residing on your computer. (Your Web browser must be able to view local files; almost all browsers qualify.)

There's nothing hidden in the software (e.g., spyware) - you can examine the HTML files to assure yourself of that. I simply wanted to make my favorite translation of the Bible as easy to use as possible by making it accessible on your computer, even when you don't have an Internet connection. I also wanted to make it a little less difficult to read by providing brief definitions of unfamiliar words.

To download the software, click here (, less than 5 MB). The software was last updated on 2014-Mar-25.

Installing the Software
To install the software, simply unpack anywhere on your computer. Point your browser to bible.htm to start the program.

Contacting the Software Author
My name is John Herro, and you can reach me at, or at

CINCINNATI OH 45247-3268
U. S. A.

(To reduce the amount of spam that I receive, I change my E-address periodically, but you can always find my latest E-address and current postal address here.)
I'd love to hear from you! Please send me your comments and suggestions.
God bless you and yours,
- John Herro

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